Open365 is here to stay

The eyeOS team is proud to announce that Open365 has just been released!

logo-open365 dark verticalOpen365 is an Open Source, self-hosted file sync and cloud apps platform including a full LibreOffice Online. You can also access your email, calendar and contacts using KDE Kontact. Everything is accessible from a simple webpage using any HTML5 browser.

We believe that OpenSource communities all around the world, like LibreOffice, Mozilla, KDE and many others, have state of the art desktop software that can compete face-to-face with closed source, online, cloud applications if given the opportunity.

All good desktop Open Source software shouldn’t be limited to your personal computer. We want to allow anyone to create and provide online web services using LibreOffice, Kontact, Thunderbird, or any other opensource desktop program.


We started some months ago open-sourcing our spice web client that allows any GNU/Linux or Windows application to be remotely displayed and controlled from an HTML5 browser with very good performance, low latency and limited throughput. By open-sourcing the entire Open365 platform we want to encourage users to create their own clouds. Clouds that could be personal or for organizations, but clouds under your control, with clear rules and respecting user privacy.

Open365 provides a complete platform ready to be used, out of the box for sharing and collaboration, but at the same time it provides an Open Platform to be modified and hacked. You can include your prefered Open Source applications and integrate them with the file sync, sharing and collaboration features and make them accesible from a unified and integrated platform.

You can start using Open365 from our free online service or download it and deploy it to your own server.


Remember that there is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer!